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Advertisers Get A Playbook For Native Ads

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a “Native Advertising Playbook” aimed at serving as a “consistent framework” for for the discussion surrounding native advertising.

While not billed as “guidelines,” the organization appears to be trying to develop something resembling standards for this rising type of marketing.

The IAB has a Native Advertising Task Force, which along with other senior-level buy-side executives, contributed to the playbook.

“Marketers are already embracing native strategies and publishers are looking for a roadmap that will allow them to take full advantage of the trend,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives for the IAB. “The more we can define and structure the framework surrounding native advertising, the easier we will make it for brands to easily incorporate it into their ad buys.”

“There is a renaissance underway in digital advertising that is driving brands, publishers and consumers to communicate with each other in more personal and natural ways,” said Patrick Albano, Vice President, Social, Mobile and Innovation Sales at Yahoo, who is Co-Chair of the IAB Native Advertising Task Force. “Native advertising is an important piece of this evolution. The IAB Native Advertising Task Force set out to provide guidance based on the state of the industry today while at the same time leaving room for flexibility to inspire innovation and growth.”

The book highlights six ad formats that are being used for native ads: in-feed units, paid search units, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, IAM standard ads with native elements and custom.

Additionally, the playbook suggests marketers address six considerations: form, function, integration, buying/targeting, measurement and disclosure.

You can take a look at the playbook here.

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