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Google Launches ValueTrack Parameters For Enhanced Campaigns

Google announced today that it will be launching new ValueTrack features for advertisers using keyword level URLs, in the coming weeks. The company says these will help advertisers achieve specific conversion and ROI goals, and help ease the transition to Enhanced Campaigns.

They will do so, Google says, by directing users to device-specific landing pages at the keyword level and enabling measurement of the effectiveness of campaigns by device.

Specifically, Google has added the {ifnotmobile:[value]} parameter, which lets you replace [value] with the text that will show up in your URL when the user clicks the ad from a computer or tablet. They’re changing the parameter {ifmobile:[value]}, which will now insert the specified value into the URL only when the user clicks from a mobile device.

Google shares some examples for using these parameters in a blog post here.

“Advertisers are upgrading to enhanced campaigns and seeing strong results,” says AdWords senior product manager Karen Yao. “VivaStreet in France, the 4th largest free classified website in the world, upgraded all of their campaigns within the two weeks after launch. When they upgraded, they increased their mobile bid adjustment to 125% and saw overall conversions increase by 34%. After seeing the positive results, VivaStreet went on to increase their mobile bid adjustment to 140%. By using ValueTrack parameters, you can also direct users to device-specific content and measure the effect it has on conversions.”

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