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Facebook Fraudsters Impersonate Security Team

Facebook users should be cautious if confronted by a message from the “Security Team,” as they could be unwittingly giving up their private info to scammers.

It’s the latest phishing attack on the network, which sees its fair share of such deceptions. Some users are currently receiving messages from pages called Security Team, which ask users to verify their accounts via outside link or face an account suspension.

Here’s what the scam message looks like,courtesy Facecrooks:

As you can see, the scammers use the same logo that the real Facebook Security page uses, hoping that it will give the message more credibility with users. It’s also grammatically well constructed (for the most part), something we can’t say for most phishing scams that hit Facebook.

But the link that it contains should tip you to its illegitimacy. It uses Facebook’s app’s domain to link users to a page asking for their page name, phone number, and password.

A quick search on Facebook yields dozens of pages for “Security Team,” all using the official Facebook Security logo and all created in the last couple of weeks. These pages, as obvious scam attempts, should be removed fairly soon. But others will always pop up in their place. Always be vigilant.

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