Small Business News
1. Google Buys Jetpac
Google has acquired Jetpac, which analyzes image and location data, and could improve Google’s ability to search through it. “We can spot lipstick, blue sky views, hipster mustaches and more, through advanced image processing on billions of photos,” Jetpac claims. It also says it has analyzed “every pixel of public Instagram photos,” which it used for its ...

2. Yahoo Buys Ad Company
Yahoo has acquired ClairtyRay, a company that has in the past dealt with getting around ad blockers, but has since been more about ad security and fraud detection. In a message on its homepage, ClarityRaysays: Our vision has always been making the eco-system safe, compliant and sustainable for consumers, publishers and advertisers. We helped the online advertising ...

3. Google Gives Advertisers New Website Call Conversions
Google announced Website Call Conversions for AdWords, a new way for advertisers to track calls that occur after an ad click. It involves putting a snippet of code on your site, and measuring calls from potential customers who skipped the click-to-call portion of your ad, and checked out your site first. According to the company, 70% ...

4. Instagram Gets New Ad Person
When Instagram announced that the salad days were over and ads – eh, sponsored posts – would soon be landing on the previously ad-free social network, you could hear the collective groans from heavy users but you couldn’t register any shock. Nobody was surprised that Instagram had finally decided to make some money. I mean, Facebook didn’t pay ...

5. Bing Ads Gets New Report
Microsoft announced the launch of a new Top Movers report for Bing Ads to let advertisers figure out account clicks and spend variations, and find which campaigns or ad groups see the biggest changes. It can also help them understand the causes. “A ‘top movers’ list is up to 10 campaigns and/or ad groups that have ...

6. Google Announces New AdWords Requirement
Google announced that starting in late September, it will be applying “close variant” keyword matching to all exact and phrase match keywords in AdWords. The feature has been available as an option for a couple years, but will now simply be the default for exact and phrase match. The example Google gives is that a searcher ...

7. LinkedIn Talks About Its Publishing Platform
Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to everyone, enabling people to post content beyond simple status updates and links. You may be wondering who’s actually seeing your posts. According to LinkedIn, members who have published at least one article on the company’s publishing platform have an average of 1,049 1st degree connections and 42 ...

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